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We help leaders transform their perspective, envision and design inspiring futures, and mobilize teams to make meaningful change.


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A view informed by 30 years of experience

Innovation is about changing ourselves, our teams, the culture of our big organizations, and a lot of the world that is beyond our control. No wonder it’s hard. While methods and techniques can help, we all know that innovation comes from insightful, innovative people. And the real barriers are human. While we can offer structures and processes, what really matters is helping you to be more insightful by breaking free of  “the common sense” that constrains thinking, and dwelling in a mood of curiosity and wonder rather than in soul-crushing risk-avoidance and certainty. We assist you to engage playfully with ideas that connect to purpose, catalyze strategies and build energetic alignment, and create a culture that embraces not just innovation but the courageous actions required to make it happen.



Design Management: Darrel created systems for managing design development for the largest companies in the world, and managed global programs in industrial design, branding, corporate identity, packaging, architecture, interior design, experience design, and interaction design. Innovation: Darrel has taught innovation and led initiatives of all types. Strategy: He is a seasoned facilitator of strategic conversations. Design Research: As a pioneer in applied research, Darrel managed many thousands of quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic studies over decades, and taught research extensively. Management: Darrel is a former CEO of private and public companies.


Client & Industry Experience

Darrel’s extremely broad background spans many industries, including consumer products, food and beverage, consumer electronics, telecommunications, software, gaming, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals, financial services, agriculture, medical devices, industrial chemicals, industrial technologies, mining, construction, building materials, energy, automotive, airlines, fashion and apparel, textiles, media, personal care, professional services, non-profits, and retailing. Darrel’s impressive client experience includes the who’s who of global organizations and category leaders such as Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Coke, AT&T, Amex, Levi, 3M, Walmart, Milliken, P&G, and many others.



Darrel is Vice Chairman of The Design Management Institute (DMI), the leading authority on design management with 24,000 professionals in 40 countries. As Chief Design Officer of The Technology Reserve, Darrel is helping design a new global platform for transforming the economics of innovation and intellectual property. He is on the Board of Directors of Mattson & Company, the largest independent food innovation consultancy, and on the Advisory Boards of Weatherhead School of Management, University of Washington Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering, and MIT Collaborative Initiatives. Darrel was honored with the Jay Doblin Award for Design Theory.



Darrel is passionate about applying Design and creativity to the world’s problems. He believes that organizations exist to serve people, and design can be used to create extraordinary levels of value, delight and meaning. Zealous about learning, Darrel helps others to become more insightful and is happiest teaching or mentoring others. He is a fine artist, painter and illustrator and ardent believer in beauty.  An avid yachtsman, he explores the Pacific Northwest in search of solitude.

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