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We help leaders create meaning for themselves, their customers, and the organizations they serve.


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Unleash the power of strategy

The power of strategy is unleashed when created in a way that produces inspiration, alignment, and action. Rhea Insight offers an efficient and transparent process for generating collective and individual action that taps internal strengths and domain knowledge.


Facilitate Strategic Conversations

The power of strategy is unleashed when created in a way that produces inspiration, alignment, and action. It is best done in a facilitated conversation with your team, with the goals of creating a shared language, a shared understanding of the current and historical context, shared intent on purpose and goals, shared commitment to produce outcomes, and shared ideas on how to best achieve those outcomes. We offer a safe, efficient and transparent process for guiding these conversations, emphasizing collective and individual commitments, not managing through planning documents.  (more…)


Executive Training

Darrel has taught thousands of executive leaders and aspiring executives around the globe. Drawing upon more than thirty years of industry experience in Design Management, Design Research, Innovation, and Strategy, he delivers practical knowledge in clear, accessible ways. He peppers his delivery with illuminating  case studies, and first-hand accounts of innovation triumphs and defeats. (more…)


Executive Coaching

All leaders can benefit from coaching. Anyone committed to professional growth and performance enhancement will find their limits, and hit performance plateaus. Darrel leverages his broad perspective based on decades of senior-level work in hundreds of organizations around the world to help leaders become more effective. By bringing his unique perspective and resources, Darrel helps them accomplish more and move their careers forward.  (more…)


Board Member/Advisor

Darrel’s exposure to different types of organizations, businesses, and industries makes him uniquely qualified to be an active contributor to Corporate Boards, Non-profit Boards, and Advisory Boards. A former CEO of both public and private corporations, he is experienced with executive management challenges.

As organizations face an environment of turbulent change, effective leadership, insight, invention, and building meaningful relationships with customers are critical for staying competitive. While most Boards have strong expertise in operations, finance, legal, and technology, they are often weaker in the areas Darrel is expert in: Innovation, New Product Development, Design, Branding, Customer & Market Insights, and Customer Experience.


Passionate Public Speaking

Darrel is a passionate, energetic keynote speaker with over 20 years experience delighting and provoking senior level audiences around the world.  He speaks on a number of subjects, including Design, Design Thinking, Innovation, Strategy, Leadership, Meaning, and Intellectual Property.  Whether it is for an annual company meeting, a conference, or a college commencement address, Darrel can craft a keynote for your event that inspires the right mood and context, and make your event a success.  (more…)


Technology Reserve

The purpose of Technology Reserve is to accelerate the growth of small and medium size enterprises worldwide by facilitating access and licensing of technology, know-how, patents, and expert services. The goal is to democratize innovation globally, help to increase global innovation flows, be a catalyst to new job creation, and create downstream societal wealth. The Technology Reserve’s platform grants SME access to its deposits and expert network for use in technology development, product development, and market connections. (more…)

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